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About me


Isabelle Thomas is a French freelance photographer living in the beautiful Chiltern Hills, between London and Oxford. She has loved photography since a very young age and started doing it professionally since May 2014. 

Isabelle has an inherent ability to realise and capture compositions to show the world what human eyes can sometimes not see. She has undertaken various types of photographic assignments from action sports, street photography, photojournalism, headshot/portraits to pet photography, (just to name a few). She works  with natural light as well as using remote flash guns with  portrait photography. Please check out her portfolio and her landscape gallery work here above.

Isabelle's aim as a photographer is to develop her photography skills towards encapsulating emotions existing in front of the camera and to create beautiful pictures that bring feelings for the person who is looking at them for the first time. Candid moments are ones of her favourite shots when the subject is in its natural emotion's state, with the right timing and its overall composition, create that perfect shot. Isabelle's portable studio allows her to travel to the comfort of your own home for a relax photoshoot in your familiar environment if you prefer that way.  The choice is yours.

Isabelle's other ambition is to pursuit her photography career as an unit still photographer, putting all her skills at work for the film industry. 

Each job is a new experience that is done to the very best of her  ability, ensuring you the best quality. Her photography work is her pride and joy and to witness the emotions that a finished photograph gives someone is to Isabelle, the best feeling in the world.

Please don't hesitate to contact her on tel. 07956680779

for further informations, she would be happy to discuss any commissions with you.

Award Certificate 2017

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